Cypress Aquatic Center
981 George Engram at Nova Rd., Daytona Beach, FL 32114

Mission Statement

USRP Racers Swim Club

  1.  To offer a technique-oriented, race-pace training competitive swim program, based on the principles of USRPT (ultra short race pace training);

  2. To guide each swimmer towards achieving his or her maximum potential in a positive, encouraging atmosphere;

  3. To teach each swimmer the value of 100% effort in training and competition;

  4. To educate swimmers about the mental aspects of training and racing;

  5. To stay swimmer-focused, coach-led, parent-inspired;

  6. To promote respect for each other, for coaches, for officials, for competitors from other clubs;

  7. To emphasize that swimmers should help fellow club members become the best they can be;

  8. To be positive ambassadors for the club, our parents, and the sport of swimming;

  9. To give athletes a skill that will be an asset for life;